About Us

about 1Welcome to Mo’s, where innovation collides with the age-old art of smoking. Mo's was established in Georgia in 2008 by Randy Branch, his wife, and three daughters.

We believe that great food is a product of tradition, and while we certainly appreciate good food, it’s the tradition that gets us up in the morning. Our high-quality, innovative products are designed to enhance and streamline your cooking & smoking experience.

We create our own barbeque sauces, smoking pouches and all-natural smoking wood chips.

Our products are available online at our website and Amazon. In the real world you will find our products at Whole Foods, butcher shops and high-end gourmet shops.

We primarily sell to the United States, however we have shipped products to Europe, South America and Africa.

Our History

about 2The Branch Family has fed hoards of happy people for many years before and after the big game, so their products are carefully crafted in response to the highly developed taste buds of hungry, barbecue-obsessed football fans.

“We didn’t originally intend to sell our products, but folks kept asking us where they could buy our sauces, rubs, and wood chips….and here we are. What a country!” (Randy Branch, Founder)

Randy Branch began his foray into the barbecue world when his eldest daughter, Casey, left for college. Luckily for him, his second two daughters followed suit soon after, all three adopting his alma mater and football team as a sort of religion.

“How do you get to see your three daughters who are off to college? Invite them to a tailgate, of course, where you can lure them with pulled pork, beef brisket, and a cold beverage. Soon, their friends and friends’ friends (and even perfect strangers) came for good food before the game, and new rubs, sauces and smoke flavors became part of the process.” (Randy)

In part due to his daughters’ highly differentiated palettes, Randy has built a flavorful variety into his sauces and woodchips. This variety has come to mean that customers use Mo’s products for more than just traditional barbecuing (see Recipes for examples). For many customers, smoking now extends to fresh seafood, colorful vegetables, artisan cheeses, and more exotic forms of beef, pork, and poultry.

about 3While smoking is what sets Mo’s apart, small-batch sauce is where it all started. His family often refers to Randy as the “sauce boss”, and he never serves a meal without some form of “icing”, as he calls it. True to his small-batch mentality, Randy hand-signs each and every bottle of sauce before sending them out to customers. Often, Randy “brews” his sauces the same day they are shipped, making them fresh upon arrival.

To this day, Mo’s products and service have never garnered anything short of glowing reviews. Try them – and join the fanclub.

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